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Case Study

AskHumans for Hawaii’s Strip Steak

About client:

Michael Mina's Hawaii Strip Steak isn't just about world-class cuisine in paradise. They're dedicated to creating exceptional, personalized experiences for every guest.

Here's how AskHumans helped

Guests leave open-ended voice feedback after their visit, sharing their thoughts and experiences.
AskHumans analyzes this feedback, providing deeper insights into guest sentiment and preferences.
The Hawaii Strip Steak team uses these insights to personalize service and identify areas for improvement.
The bonus outcome: 83% of guests who provided positive feedback through AskHumans also used our integrated "Leave a Yelp Review" screen. This led to a significant increase in positive online reviews, boosting the restaurant's reputation and attracting new customers.

Client Testimonial

Awesome clients + actionable feedback

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Why AskHumans

Bridge the gap between guest experience and operational excellence.

By providing richer, deeper guest insights and facilitating open communication within your team, AskHumans empowers you to:

Measure Guest Satisfaction

Receive detailed feedback to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses.

Boost Customer Retention

Build trust by addressing guest feedback and encouraging their return.

Improve Staff Performance

Get insights into staff performance and identify areas for training or support.

Gain a competitive edge

Deliver exceptional experiences that keep guests coming back for more and set you apart from the competition.

Optimize operations

Streamline processes, eliminate inefficiencies, and improve overall restaurant efficiency.
By addressing both the guest-facing and operational aspects of your business, AskHumans provides hospitality businesses with a holistic approach to improvement, leading to increased revenue, improved brand reputation, and a thriving restaurant environment.

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