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AskHumans for Carnegie

Looking Forward with AskHumans:
Carnegie's AI in Education Insights

"I think it's important that AI is in mainstream use and that I think it's very cool that it's being used for multiple things. Between education, science, and technology, it's a great resource. I believe that it's going to help expand our knowledge and help people who don't have access to different tons of information be able to get access to that."

– Student on the mainstream use of AI

"There have been multiple times where I have used AI in my search for a college. The most helpful of which gave me summaries of colleges that fit my major and expectations about student life, dorms, etc. that otherwise weren't available neatly online."

-Student on using AI in college search

Client Testimonial

Awesome clients + actionable feedback

“As Carnegie sought to learn about students’ outlooks on AI, we knew that supplementing quantitative surveys with qualitative feedback would yield the most comprehensive and instructive responses.

AskHumans’ innovative, cost-effective solution enabled Carnegie to hear from students in their own words and streamline feedback analysis — both of which were instrumental to this report that is creating a buzz in the higher education marketing community.”

James Vineburgh

AVP of Product Development

Why AskHumans

Improve reviews & increase student satisfaction

Voice-Driven Insights

Capture rich, nuanced sentiment through voice feedback, making every opinion heard.

Campus-Wide Engagement

From students to alumni, gather feedback that reflects your entire educational ecosystem.

AI-Powered Analysis

Our advanced AI sifts through sentiments and trends, offering clear, actionable insights.

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